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FAS Aware UK

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  • Matthew's Story

    Matthew's Story Hi there, my name is Matthew. I am going to share with you what it’s like to have FAS. I actually have a full diagnosis of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). This falls within the Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) diagnosis .

  • What it is like

    All the art work was created by school children in an area of high deprivation. Our printer arranged a competition and provided all the prices. There was 100+ applications each child was given a gift and the two winners got gift tokens.

  • The Forum

    The FASAwareUk forum

  • Educational Success

    Educational Success

  • Professional Resources

    This page contains a wide range of resources aimed at clinicians and researchers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, browse the rest of the website and use the forum for more information and support.

  • Videos & Animation

    Videos and Animation from FASAwareUK

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    Register to the FAS Forums

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    Here are our partners

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    Download them all here

Valuable Documents

FASAwareUK has built up an extensive library of useful resources ranging from in-depth studies into FASD to real life experiences. Below you'll see the resources available, simply click on the title to download the document.



Documents for Download:
Access this URL (https://www.tommys.org/prematurity)Tommy's[External Link]84 Kb
Download this file (Alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin and crack cocaine.pdf)Alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin and crack cocaine[PDF FIle]111 Kb
Download this file (Dissertation_MA_SW_Laurence.doc)Exploring strategies developed by parents to support their adopted children with[MS Word File]156 Kb
Download this file (17_mary.pdf)Building Educational Success[PDF File]137 Kb
Download this file (16_members_bill.doc)Private Members; FASD Northern Ireland[MS Word File]36 Kb
Download this file (15_history.doc)A History of FAS[MS Word File]157 Kb
Download this file (14_literature2.ppt)Dr Raja Mukherjee's Presentation[MS Powerpoint File]2617 Kb
Download this file (r_overview.doc)Overview: Dr Raja Mukherje[MS Word File]72 Kb
Download this file (13_The_Sunday_Times_hepper.doc)Times Article on Hepper[MS Word File]35 Kb
Download this file (12_hepper.doc)Report by Prof. Peter Hepper[MS Word File]50 Kb
Download this file (11_ahrs.doc)Alcohol Harm Reducation[MS Word File]197 Kb
Access this URL (http://www.fased.com/)FAS Educational Dynamics[Website Link]0 Kb
Download this file (9_daily_guide_for_living.pdf)Parenting Children Affected by FAS[PDF File]512 Kb
Download this file (8_FASBook.pdf)Let's Find a Solution[PDF File]1698 Kb
Download this file (7_Overlapping_Characteristics.pdf)Overlapping Behavioural Characteristics[PDF File]109 Kb
Download this file (6_FASD_studentsschoold_dublin.pdf)FASD: Students & Schools[PDF File]158 Kb
Download this file (5_Lets talk about FASD.pdf)Let's Talk About FASD[PDF File]1448 Kb
Download this file (4_FAS_Street_Level.pdf)FASD and Homelessness[PDF File]835 Kb
Download this file (3_A5anotherpieceofthepuzzleFASD2.pdf)Another Piece in the Puzzle[PDF File]535 Kb
Download this file (strategies_not_solutions.pdf)Strategies not Solutions[PDF File]829 Kb
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